• Gemma Mills

Meditation, Made Simple

Updated: May 10, 2019

Including Mindfulness and Meditation Into Your Working Day

Work can sometimes be quite hectic and stressful, from deadlines to difficult customers. Taking a couple of minutes to simply sit down with your spine tall and your back supported, closing your eyes and having an intention to focus your attention on your breath you will be drawn into the calming present moment.

Try to direct your breath in and out of your abdomen - relax your belly.

Sitting in quiet with your focus on your breath is meditation, you can choose to set a time - building from 1 - 2 minutes a day up 5 - 10 over a month period.

Your mind is going to think.

It's the job of your mind to think, to create thoughts just like your heart creates beats. In your meditation practise you are not trying to 'clear out' your mind but you are simply paying attention.

Paying attention to your breath first and foremost, how it feels in your body, the pace of it, but also noticing the places your mind goes, the repetitive thoughts that occur, you then guide your attention back to your breath.

Meditation creates space in between your thoughts, deconstructs negative thought patterns - over time. Processing stress and allowing you to move and respond from a calm place.

Keep it simple and do it often.

Happy, Productive People :)

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