'Wellness at Work Collective have been a breath of fresh air for our company and its wellness program. Gemma is highly skilled with a depth of knowledge in the practise of yoga and it definitely shows, she is understanding and attentive to each person in the group. We would highly recommend her services and will continue to work with Wellness at Work Collective for the foreseeable future!'

- BCG Digital - Sydney

'After a long search for the perfect yoga teacher we found Gemma! Gemma has just the right balance of deep knowledge of her practice, technicality, confidence and professionalism. We treasure our lunchtime yoga classes, which provide us with the opportunity to clear our minds, focus ourselves and gain much needed relaxation in the middle of our busy days. The yoga participants from Maurice Blackburn could not be more happy with Gemma’s fantastic classes and cannot recommend Wellness at Work Collective highly enough.' - Maurice Blackburn Lawyers - Sydney

'I was hesitant to join a group yoga class, as I have some specific biomechanical challenges from my various injuries and was also keen to build a solid foundation of correct technique from the start.

I was fortunate to have met a wonderful yogi named Gemma. Over the course of a few months I was able to learn the breathing and stretching techniques to improve my yoga practice and I’ve been reaping the health benefits ever since.

Previously I would suffer from acute back, shoulder and neck pain but this has gone. I’ve healed myself through simple, mindful (yet physically demanding) classes that I do every week.

The program began with very light and simple movements and stretches and as I progressed, the movements became more dynamic and challenging.

At InfoTrust, we've also run classes available to the entire team - no matter what level you're at, yoga is something all can get involved in.

For anyone who has the daily stresses of running a business, a team or just wants to improve posture and overall health I couldn't recommend yoga and Gemma Mills  and Wellness at Work more highly.' - Dane Meah - CEO

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